Food safety is one of the most important regulations that every hotel establishment should take into account and know seamlessly. This regulation requires to cover the food that is exposed in the bars of bars and restaurants with showcases: for skewers, for tapas, for sushi …

It is not a fad or anything that has been invented now. There are many reasons that justify the need to keep refrigerated foods specifically at a temperature between 4º and 8ºC. With them, we avoid the risk of contagion by direct contact with food of bacteria that can harm our health, such as salmonella.

It is also important to have a showcase for each type of food. Especially if we work with different types of food, so that the odors do not mix and damage the flavor.

The acquisition of showcases is not an option, it is an obligation. Therefore, the market offers a wide range of models and designs to adapt to any need and comply with regulations. Showcases for tapas, self-service cabinets, showcases with double floors, display cabinets, showcases for sushi …


Showcases for sushi

Japanese food is now more fashionable than ever. In any bar or restaurant that has sushi exposed, they should have a showcase dedicated exclusively to that. The sushi showcases have a cold plate. In addition, thanks to its static evaporator, which differs from the ventilated, the sushi does not dry out and maintains its humidity level.

At Granita Group, a leading group in the sale of machinery for the hotel trade, you will find sushi showcases from leading manufacturing brands.

Sushi showcases with buckets from Zinco brand

Vitrinas tapas sushi de cubetas - Grupo Granita

Sushi showcases with plate from Zinco brand

Vitrinas sushi de placa - Grupo Granita

Both stainless steel, double evaporator, lower and upper, with pick-drops which guarantees the optimum temperature of sushi preservation. A stylish and modern aesthetic showcases cold high performance with low consumption.

Showcases for sushi and all the Machinery for hostelry here, in Granita Group.