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      • Food production
      • Cafeteria and ice cream shop. NOVELTIES in beverage dispensers
      • ZINCO cooking. The WIDEST RANGE will be found here. As a great NOVELTY we present kitchens MONOBLOC, BRAZIL OVEN, PLANETARIES, …
      • Inox
      • Extraction


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October 2017: MILAN HOST FAIR



One more edition, it is shown that HOST is the preferred forum for the leading companies in the market to present the news, as well as being a unique market for international quality business.

It represented a positive balance for Nikrom, thank you for your visits.

Until the next edition! Sure, we’ll be back!

October 2017 NEWS of the NIKROM dishwashers


 NIKROM presents new design of wash arms for the BASIC LINE and improvements in the STILE LINE during the last great event of the hospitality industry in Milan

This year at the Milan fair # Host2017, Nikrom presents some news.

The Valencian dishwasher manufacturer NIKROM, which is soon celebrating its first 10th anniversary, is stepping forward firmly

During the celebration of the Milan fair, HOST, the incorporated novelties were presented.

In the line of dishwasher BASIC LINE, simple but complete, incorporates arms with integrated diffusers.

And for the most demanding, improves the line of high-end STILE with damping systems in the doors.

These are only some of those we could observe in your HOST stand.



April 2017



FELIP LORET, JUANI GARRIDO, ESTEBAN MORA AND ANDRES CABRERA receive recognition for their work and dedication on their 25th anniversary in GRANITA

 The GRANITA company, from Gandía, celebrated this weekend the 25th anniversary of 3 of its employees: Felip Lloret, Juani Garrido and Esteban Mora, and also of the delegation of the Canary Islands, TECNYHOSTEL, with Andrés Cabrera at the helm.

Granita, a company with more than 40 years in the sector, specializing in hospitality equipment, has organized a celebration to commemorate this important anniversary that has lasted throughout the weekend. With the presence of the management, the team of the Canarian delegation that have been displaced for the event, the employees and their partners

GRANITA GROUP, based in Gandía (Valencia) dedicated to the MANUFACTURE and IMPORTATION of machinery for the HORECA sector, celebrates the 25 years of work of 4 of its employees. To celebrate this anniversary, the company organized on Friday, April 21, a welcome dinner for its GRAN CANARIO TEAM, TECNYHOSTEL CANARIAS, which lasted until late at night. The celebration continued the following day with a tribute to the employees at the company headquarters, where Felip, Juani, Esteban and Andres received from the Manager of the company, Amparo Lloret, the professional and personal recognition their deserved.

GRANITA IS A GREAT FAMILY, AND IT IS OUR SECRET FOR SUCCESS. It was highlighted on several occasions in the celebration

During the event there were speeches in which they remembered the beginnings of Granita, the beginnings of the honored workers and to D. RAFAEL OLASO BALBASTRE, founder of GRANITA. Here it was felt that his legacy is still alive.

The honorees also expressed their gratitude to the company and acknowledged the work and commitment of Amparo LLoret at the head of Granita.

All the guests received a detail of the 25 years.

After the ceremony, we proceeded with the toast of honor and continued the celebration with a meal in a well-known restaurant on the beach of Gandia.

The company is convinced that its best asset is the human team that forms it, that without it, nothing would be possible.


Despite continuing to be a family business, GRANITA GROUP has changed a lot since its inception. Granita was founded in 1973, and opened its doors in small offices in the center of Gandía, as an importer of coffee machines. With his good work he got the company to be among the leaders in his sector.

Today, the GRANITA GROUP has two factories and one importer, what confers an international presence to the business. 4 decades later, GRANITA, together with NIKROM Y ZINCO, continues to be a leading company.