We know that a good image is the key to success and that’s why we give the “wrapper” the value it deserves. The refrigerated showcases are the best cover letter and they are able to accomplish that customers start enjoying the view to end up tasting the best of your products. Show and display cakes, ice cream or chocolates with our showcases. Differentiate yourself from the rest and focus on design and quality at the best prices.

Refrigerated showcase to show and display you products

Choose the model which is more suitable for your business. We have fully custom made designs. Enjoy its advantages and make the most of its ergonomics, lighting, low consumption and easy maintenance without sacrificing the perfect preservation of the product.

There are multiple possible combinations for the attractive exposure of your ice creams, cakes and chocolates:

Showcases for patisserie -4ºC

Showcases for ice cream parlor -20ºC

Hot (bain-marie or dry heat)

Drop In versions


Various designs (check all the models here), built with the best materials (stainless steel, tempered glass, corian …), climatic base 4+, low consumption LED lighting and available with remote engine.

Granita Group

Our main goal has always been to offer our clients machines with the maximum guarantee. Spectacular showcases both inside and outside.

Get to know our wide range of showcases for patisserie, ice cream parlor and confectionery. A line of exclusive design with the possibility to choose between several models, sizes and temperatures.

Think about what you need and choose the model which better adapts to your business. Don’t forget that a showcase is the shop window of the product and the straightest way to get to the client. The first impression is the one that counts the most!

Remember: a good showcase makes irresistible the suggestions that are proposed to us.

Showcases for ice cream

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas helado - grupo granita

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas helado - grupo granita

Showcases for patisserie

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas de pastelería - grupo granita

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas de pastelería - grupo granita


Consult us without any obligation here and we will help you to succeed with your choice!

The regulations regarding cleanliness and hygiene are clear and strict. In general, any hospitality business must be clean and disinfected, avoiding dirt and putting into practice a proper handling and preservation of food. And, also, the catering trade must have an industrial dishwasher for the cleaning of dishes, glasses, cups, cutlery or any utensils. It is essential in any professional kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria, bar … It becomes a key piece in disinfection, in addition to providing comfort and savings in time, money and energy.

The use of the industrial dishwasher has many advantages. Therefore, it is important to have one in our business that suits our needs. Many restaurateurs who venture into this world, wonder why they have to bet on an industrial dishwasher and not a domestic one. The answer is simple and clear: it is not viable. The washing time is the key factor in this decision. A domestic dishwasher has cycles of one or two hours, while the industrial ones are around 2 or 3 minutes. In summary, a domestic dishwasher would make impossible an efficient and productive work.

Industrial dishwasher – Granita Group

Glasses and plates are always gleaming. Granita Group industrial dishwashers gather everything you are looking for. Efficiency, power, comfort, savings, technology … so that the dishes of your business always look like the first day.

  • BASIC,  mono wall, it’s designed to offer the best performance at the best price, without compromising quality or efficiency. It maintains the general philosophy of all Nikrom dishwashers.

serie basic - lavavajillas industrial - Grupo Granita

Pressure washing
Guaranteed rinse
Low energy consumption
1 wash cycle (adjustable)
Micro door
Perforated to take detergent (except E1500)
Double filter. Avoids pump breaks and ensures better wash quality
Very resistant arms in fiberglass that guarantees the rinsing with only 1 bar of pressure
High performance cupole with 35 liters in tank, 7 in boiler and thermo-stop. These 3 factors lead to a more hygienic wash


  • ÚNICO. Their models are unique in their series. Ecological and low consumption.

serie unico - lavavajillas industrial - Grupo Granita

Pressure washing
Guaranteed rinse
Low energy consumption
2 wash cycles (adjustable): winter and summer
Micro door
Perforated for detergent intake
Double filter
Backflow valve
Wiring prepared for automatic drainage pump and soap dispenser
Arms with diffusers
Terrmostop in three-phase models
Models with built-in decalcifier
The drain pump kit is common on all models


  • STILE,with double wall and temperature visors for tank and boiler. In addition to having all the characteristics of the UNICO model:

serie stile -lavavajillas industrial - Grupo Granita

Hygiene guaranteed by temperature sight glasses and the thermostop
All with standard soap dispenser
Special models for special needs



Nothing is by chance. An industrial dishwasher designed to the smallest detail. . Find it in Granita Group.


The spring, the heat, longer days, terraces, bars, cafes, restaurants … Spain is a country characterized by good weather. A good weather that sometimes turns into hot days. That heat can be fought and although there are many ways to do it, we propose one. Just offer a good refreshing drink … and is there a better way than by the hand of an excellent SLUSH MACHINE.

An exquisite granité, the refreshing drink and also nutritious for both children and adults. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors and combine it with other ingredients, creating unique, fun and different mixes. From the most classic flavors (lemon) to the most sophisticated or exotic flavors (mango, strawberry …).

And … what model should you choose? Find the IDEAL slush machine that suits your business.

Knowing how to choose the machine that best suits your business is important. And from Granita Group we will help you find the perfect one. We have many alternatives, as many as there are needs in the market. Which is yours? Do you have a small or low consumption place? Does your business have a lot of production or is it exposed to the sun (amusement parks, beach bars …)? Do you want to bet on soft slush machines or what are your needs really?

Before choosing a slush machine for your business it is important to know the function that you are going to give it. You must estimate the sales you will make to know the size of the slush machine that you are going to buy. Another element to take into account are the blades, the functions they perform and their design. But also the dispensing tap. In order to be more functional it must be removable and thus be able to perform a correct cleaning.

Granita Group

By Granits Group you will find everything you need. If you look for the slush machine par excellence, bet on Granita.

Whatever model it is, you will buy quality guarantee: robust equipment outside and inside, low consumption, design and technology, patented accessories, short delivery times and good after sales service. Bet on your business. Invest in image and trust Granita Group.


Our ranges

All our slush machines are made of stainless steel, with robust motor reducer, with excellent ventilation and are easy to maintain. In addition, all our equipment can be customized if you wish (see our conditions).

STILE range, the newest
  • SP1, SP2, SP3 G5. A model of slush machine that stands out for having a “waterfall” system that guarantees the homogeneity of the granité.
  • IPRO mechanical. It’s the NOVELTY. It has a special double-walled tank that prevents condensation and saves 30% of energy consumption. They do not sweat, so they are a good showcase for your business. And, in addition, they lose less temperature and that makes the machine work less to keep the product cold.

Ice Dream Slush Machine. TOP SALES

The ICE Dream slush machine is our TOP Sales. A machine with a long history of more than three decades and in which many innkeepers have bet for their business. It stands out for having a standard agitator shovel, removable tap and double function of granité and maintenance.

granizadora ICE DREAM - Grupo Granita

  • IPRO-ICE-TOP.  A slush machine of stainless steel structure, robust faucets and easy to clean. Available in various capacities: 10-14-20 liters. It is the perfect machine for places that are exposed to the sun such as water parks, beach bars … Ideal for places with a large influx of people. But also for refigerated premises, since it allows to have the product ready for consumption in a record time.
The NEW FASHION: equipment for cold creams
  • Nina. Pocket-size. The minimum expression, with the best quality and interesting prices.
  • SP. Powerful as well as elegant. A great machine for a big business.
 The Soft World

Get a good soft ice cream product, with the minimum investment possible.

Nino, the little one in the family

granizadora NINO - Grupo Granita

GT Soft Push (mechanical)

granizadora SOFT - Grupo Granita

GT Soft Touch 6 (electronic)

granizadora SOFT TOUCH - Grupo Granita

KARMA, the new model for large productions of pure soft ice cream.

granizadora karma - grupo granita

The most demanding business have already bet on Grupo Granita. Would you like to bet as well? Contact us.


Food safety is one of the most important regulations that every hotel establishment should take into account and know seamlessly. This regulation requires to cover the food that is exposed in the bars of bars and restaurants with showcases: for skewers, for tapas, for sushi …

It is not a fad or anything that has been invented now. There are many reasons that justify the need to keep refrigerated foods specifically at a temperature between 4º and 8ºC. With them, we avoid the risk of contagion by direct contact with food of bacteria that can harm our health, such as salmonella.

It is also important to have a showcase for each type of food. Especially if we work with different types of food, so that the odors do not mix and damage the flavor.

The acquisition of showcases is not an option, it is an obligation. Therefore, the market offers a wide range of models and designs to adapt to any need and comply with regulations. Showcases for tapas, self-service cabinets, showcases with double floors, display cabinets, showcases for sushi …


Showcases for sushi

Japanese food is now more fashionable than ever. In any bar or restaurant that has sushi exposed, they should have a showcase dedicated exclusively to that. The sushi showcases have a cold plate. In addition, thanks to its static evaporator, which differs from the ventilated, the sushi does not dry out and maintains its humidity level.

At Granita Group, a leading group in the sale of machinery for the hotel trade, you will find sushi showcases from leading manufacturing brands.

Sushi showcases with buckets from Zinco brand

Vitrinas tapas sushi de cubetas - Grupo Granita

Sushi showcases with plate from Zinco brand

Vitrinas sushi de placa - Grupo Granita

Both stainless steel, double evaporator, lower and upper, with pick-drops which guarantees the optimum temperature of sushi preservation. A stylish and modern aesthetic showcases cold high performance with low consumption.

Showcases for sushi and all the Machinery for hostelry here, in Granita Group.

Cómo elegir un buen lavavajillas industrial

Who does not like to use a new dish each day? When someone goes to a restaurant, a cafeteria, a bar … he likes to enjoy a good meal, a good service, that everything is taken care of in the smallest detail. You sit at a table and find a glass, covered, plate … stained, it’s not good advertising for any business. That is why it is very important, fundamental, that you take care and mimes your dishes like nobody else. Scrubing dishes, glasses and cups one by one can be hard work and may even not be 100% effective. The best thing is to have an industrial dishwasher. Wash, rinse, disinfect and sanitize your dishes in just a few minutes. Besides that you will save time and money. But what should you keep in mind?

Keys to buy an industrial dishwasher

There are dozens (even hundreds) of industrial dishwasher models. This makes choosing a dishwasher a more complicated task than we imagine. Not having one or not buying the one that best suits our business can be a serious failure. Running out of clean dishes can make the difference between giving good service to your customers or not.

  • There are many types of industrial dishwashers: the low counter, glass washers, door dishwashers, conveyors … We have to be clear about how our business is, in order to know which the one we need is.
  • Washing capacity. Basic feature to keep in mind when choosing the dishwasher model, so that it adapts to the rhythm of your business.
  • Easy to use. It should facilitate the work, not increase it.
  • It has to have fast cycles, but above all effective ones. The crockery should be clean and sanitized to ensure a good impression of the customer.
  • Energy and water consumption. These are two elements to keep in mind. You can buy a cheap industrial dishwasher, but it can end up being expensive because it consumes a lot.
  • Noise generated
  • Temperature: low or high. Those of low temperature require a chemical additive to sanitize, while those of high temperature sanitize with only the temperature.
  • Hygiene regulations. It must be taken into account, because sometimes it is necessary to carry out certain additional processes.

lavavajillas industrial - Grupo Granita

At Granita Group we have an extensive catalog of industrial dishwashers. Come and we will advise you to find the best dishwasher: the one that best suits you and your business.



On January 1st, 2018, the new RATE will be available.

We present the new Price 2018 PSP for our customers.

Now available as PDF download, it will come into force on January 1st, 2018.

The Rate collects all our current portfolio and MULTIPLES news that will surely be of your interest.

As usual, it is divided into areas:

      • Industrial Dishwasher NIKROM
      • ZINCO Commercial Cold. Pastry showcases and cabinets ripener of meat as the more represemtative NOVELTY
      • Buffet- Self Service
      • Food production
      • Cafeteria and ice cream shop. NOVELTIES in beverage dispensers
      • ZINCO cooking. The WIDEST RANGE will be found here. As a great NOVELTY we present kitchens MONOBLOC, BRAZIL OVEN, PLANETARIES, …
      • Inox
      • Extraction


      You can download the rate from the download area or with a simple click here.

      We hope you like our news.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a paper copy.

October 2017: MILAN HOST FAIR



One more edition, it is shown that HOST is the preferred forum for the leading companies in the market to present the news, as well as being a unique market for international quality business.

It represented a positive balance for Nikrom, thank you for your visits.

Until the next edition! Sure, we’ll be back!

October 2017 NEWS of the NIKROM dishwashers


 NIKROM presents new design of wash arms for the BASIC LINE and improvements in the STILE LINE during the last great event of the hospitality industry in Milan

This year at the Milan fair # Host2017, Nikrom presents some news.

The Valencian dishwasher manufacturer NIKROM, which is soon celebrating its first 10th anniversary, is stepping forward firmly

During the celebration of the Milan fair, HOST, the incorporated novelties were presented.

In the line of dishwasher BASIC LINE, simple but complete, incorporates arms with integrated diffusers.

And for the most demanding, improves the line of high-end STILE with damping systems in the doors.

These are only some of those we could observe in your HOST stand.



April 2017



FELIP LORET, JUANI GARRIDO, ESTEBAN MORA AND ANDRES CABRERA receive recognition for their work and dedication on their 25th anniversary in GRANITA

 The GRANITA company, from Gandía, celebrated this weekend the 25th anniversary of 3 of its employees: Felip Lloret, Juani Garrido and Esteban Mora, and also of the delegation of the Canary Islands, TECNYHOSTEL, with Andrés Cabrera at the helm.

Granita, a company with more than 40 years in the sector, specializing in hospitality equipment, has organized a celebration to commemorate this important anniversary that has lasted throughout the weekend. With the presence of the management, the team of the Canarian delegation that have been displaced for the event, the employees and their partners

GRANITA GROUP, based in Gandía (Valencia) dedicated to the MANUFACTURE and IMPORTATION of machinery for the HORECA sector, celebrates the 25 years of work of 4 of its employees. To celebrate this anniversary, the company organized on Friday, April 21, a welcome dinner for its GRAN CANARIO TEAM, TECNYHOSTEL CANARIAS, which lasted until late at night. The celebration continued the following day with a tribute to the employees at the company headquarters, where Felip, Juani, Esteban and Andres received from the Manager of the company, Amparo Lloret, the professional and personal recognition their deserved.

GRANITA IS A GREAT FAMILY, AND IT IS OUR SECRET FOR SUCCESS. It was highlighted on several occasions in the celebration

During the event there were speeches in which they remembered the beginnings of Granita, the beginnings of the honored workers and to D. RAFAEL OLASO BALBASTRE, founder of GRANITA. Here it was felt that his legacy is still alive.

The honorees also expressed their gratitude to the company and acknowledged the work and commitment of Amparo LLoret at the head of Granita.

All the guests received a detail of the 25 years.

After the ceremony, we proceeded with the toast of honor and continued the celebration with a meal in a well-known restaurant on the beach of Gandia.

The company is convinced that its best asset is the human team that forms it, that without it, nothing would be possible.


Despite continuing to be a family business, GRANITA GROUP has changed a lot since its inception. Granita was founded in 1973, and opened its doors in small offices in the center of Gandía, as an importer of coffee machines. With his good work he got the company to be among the leaders in his sector.

Today, the GRANITA GROUP has two factories and one importer, what confers an international presence to the business. 4 decades later, GRANITA, together with NIKROM Y ZINCO, continues to be a leading company.

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