We know that a good image is the key to success and that’s why we give the “wrapper” the value it deserves. The refrigerated showcases are the best cover letter and they are able to accomplish that customers start enjoying the view to end up tasting the best of your products. Show and display cakes, ice cream or chocolates with our showcases. Differentiate yourself from the rest and focus on design and quality at the best prices.

Refrigerated showcase to show and display you products

Choose the model which is more suitable for your business. We have fully custom made designs. Enjoy its advantages and make the most of its ergonomics, lighting, low consumption and easy maintenance without sacrificing the perfect preservation of the product.

There are multiple possible combinations for the attractive exposure of your ice creams, cakes and chocolates:

Showcases for patisserie -4ºC

Showcases for ice cream parlor -20ºC

Hot (bain-marie or dry heat)

Drop In versions


Various designs (check all the models here), built with the best materials (stainless steel, tempered glass, corian …), climatic base 4+, low consumption LED lighting and available with remote engine.

Granita Group

Our main goal has always been to offer our clients machines with the maximum guarantee. Spectacular showcases both inside and outside.

Get to know our wide range of showcases for patisserie, ice cream parlor and confectionery. A line of exclusive design with the possibility to choose between several models, sizes and temperatures.

Think about what you need and choose the model which better adapts to your business. Don’t forget that a showcase is the shop window of the product and the straightest way to get to the client. The first impression is the one that counts the most!

Remember: a good showcase makes irresistible the suggestions that are proposed to us.

Showcases for ice cream

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas helado - grupo granita

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas helado - grupo granita

Showcases for patisserie

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas de pastelería - grupo granita

vitrinas refrigeradas - vitrinas de pastelería - grupo granita


Consult us without any obligation here and we will help you to succeed with your choice!