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Dear Customer

In a year as complicated as this one, our intention was not to increase the price list, which has been the same since 2019.

We believe that it would be normal to help relaunch our sector.

However, thanks to this "NEW WORLD ORDER" which has actually led us to disorder, if not chaos, commodity prices have literally skyrocketed.

In the last months, speculation, which always goes hand in hand with the decrease in the supply of raw materials, has doubled the price of the polypropylene and steel or fuel, reaching increases of more than 30%.

The worst thing is that the situation still does not stabilize and prevents us from calculating definitive costs.

Therefore, it is impossible for us to maintain current prices.

At the moment, we are communicating a linear increase in our entire rate by 3.5% as of May 1st

As soon as the market stabilizes we will edit the new 2021 rate

Thank you for your trust and we offer you, as always, all our collaboration, service and quality.